The Fleet

We have implemented a 3-tier boat ranking to help you select the right boat based on your budget, wakesurfing level and style (Skim / Surf).

Wakesurf boats are specifically designed to produce an endless surfable wake thanks to their hull design, large ballast and wake systems that are specific to each boat brand. To increase the size and power of the wake, ballast can be added to the boats using ballast bags filled with water or lead.

The Pro Boats (PRO)

These boats deliver the strongest, highest and longest wake. They are recommended for intermediate and advanced wakesurfers who are comfortable on the wake and starting to do tricks. They are the top Choice for wakesurfers in love with surf style. The PRO boats are the top of the range and the most expensive boats available on the market. As their wake is highly customizable electronically, they are also suitable for beginners, kids and skim style lovers. The benchmark for PRO boats is the Nautique G23.

The Intermediate Boats (INT)

These boats deliver a strong and powerful wake suitable for all levels. They will satisfy newcomers to the sport as well as advanced wakesurfers who are comfortable on the wake. Intermediate boats are great all-rounders, suitable for kids and adults alike. They are a favourite with wakesurfers who are in love with skim style. The benchmark for INT boats is the Axis A22 / A24.

The Discovery Boats (DIS)

The Discovery Boats are excellent for those who are just discovering wakesurfing and for kids. The wake is less powerful and easier to handle. These boats are also excellent for foiling. DIS boats will take you from swimmer to wakesurfer in next to no time. Discovery level boats are offered at the most economical rate per hour.