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What is wakesurfing?

Wakesurfing is a water sport in which a rider trails behind a boat, riding the boat's wake without being directly pulled by the boat. After getting up on the wake, typically by use of a tow rope, the wakesurfer drops the rope and surfs the wave produced by the boat.

What is the diference between wakesurfing and wakeboarding?

Wakeboarding involves being towed behind a boat with a rope at speed while wake jumping and
getting air. Wakesurfing involves actually surfing the wave created by the boat without a rope. As its name implies, wakesurfing is closer to ocean surfing.

Compared to wakeboarding, wakesurfing is generally more gentler and accessible to all. It’s more beginner-friendly and doesn’t require mirror-perfect water – a little chop is usually not a problem for surfing behind a boat. All our boats are set for wakesurfing, with wakesurf boards and shorter tow ropes. Only some of our boats are equipped for wakeboarding as well, with specific wakeboard boards and longer tow ropes onboard. Please check in the boat service description if it is set up for wakeboarding and wakesurfing or only wakesurfing.

Who can wakesurf?

If you can swim you can wakesurf! And you can wakesurf from 5 to 100 years old. First timers are very much welcome on all our boats and locations.

Our captains will teach you how to get out of the water and onto the wake. Soon you will be surfing the wake ropeless and you will start carving.

Is wakesurfing safe?

Wakesurfing is very safe. When you wakesurf the boat speed is very low, under 20km/h and you are never too far from the boat. Moreover, our boat captains always keep an eye on you.

What is included in the price?

Our price includes boat rental, boards, safety jacket and beginner coaching.

What languages do our captain speak?

All our captain speaks fluent Cantonese, most of them will speak English and Mandarin as well. The languages spoken on board are mentioned in the boat description.

How long should I book the boat?

We recommend 20 to 30 mm per rider minimum, meaning that if you book a boat for 1 hour, we recommend a maximum of 2 to 3 riders. If you book a boat for 2 hours, we recommend a maximum of 4-6 riders.

How many persons maximum onboard?

Wakesurf boat are 20” to 26” long inboard boats. To be comfortable, we recommend a maximum of 5 to 6 persons onboard.

Can I rent a PRO boat if I am a beginner?

Our PRO boats are the top of the range boat with electronically adjustable wake. They are suitable for all levels.

I need better coaching!

Firstly, all our captains are great beginner coaches. They will teach you how to get out of the water and on the wake. Quickly, you will be surfing the wake rope less and you will start carvings.

If you are comfortable on the wake and want to improve your style and tricks, you will need better coaching.

You can find great coaches to get you to the next level in our section School of Wake, The Coaches.

Otherwise, when booking a boat based on date and availability, look for boat with a higher coaching level. We have 4 coaching levels; beginners, intermediate, advanced and expert which are defined as follow:

What is the difference between Regular and Goofy?

When learning board sports like skateboarding, snowboarding or wakesurfing, the first thing you need to figure out is your stance. There are two possible stances – regular foot and goofy foot.

Your stance is which foot is in front of the other when you're riding. When standing on a
board, you'll want your dominant foot to go in the back, since it's stronger and does most of the pushing, turning, etc. Regular means to stand on the board with your left foot forward. Your right foot will be behind it, near the tail of the board. Goofy is the opposite of regular – your right foot is forward and your left foot is back near the tail

If you are right-handed, it's highly likely that your stance is regular.  One of the easiest and most reliable ways to determine your stance is the push test.

Stand naturally with your feet even and close together. Ask a friend to gently push you from behind. Try your best not to anticipate the push. You'll feel like you're falling, and one of your feet will naturally try to brace your fall. The foot that you catch yourself with is usually your dominant foot.

What is the difference between skim and surf style?

There are two prevailing styles in wakesurfing; skim and surf.

Skim Style

Skim style is all about doing spins, airs, and skate-inspired tricks behind the boat.  Skim style boards spin very easily and typically have very little rocker.  Skim-style wakesurfing is sort of like a cross between surfing and wakeskating.  Skim style wakesurf will generally requires less pumping to stay on the wake, making it easier to trail the boat. Skim style is the dominant style in Hong kong.

Surf Style

Surf style is more like traditional ocean surfing with an emphasis on carving and slashing and airs.  A surf-style board usually has more fins that are typically deeper.  This allows for more aggressive turns, but usually makes surf-style wakesurf boards more challenging to spin.  Surf-style boards are easier for beginners to learn on, while advanced riders enjoy the high-speed maneuverability of surf-style boards. Surf style wakesurf will generally requires more pumping to stay on the wake.

Terms & Conditions

1.   Bookings are not refundable.

2.   Bookings can be rescheduled online up to 48 hours prior to sessions and a maximum of 3 times. Rescheduling is possible on the same boat partner and the same price level. Most boat partners offer lower price week days as compare to week end. It means that on most boat operators, rescheduling is possible on another week day for a week day session and another week end for a week session. To reschedule upgrade from a week day to a week end or downgrade from a week end to a week day, contact us by email, phone or WhatsApp.

3.      In case of red/black rain or typhoon (3 or above) warning, your booking must be rescheduled. We suggest that you log in to wakesurgbooking.com at your earliest convenience to reschedule your booking.

4.      If the weather warning indicates amber rain or typhoon 1, please contact us for further
instructions. (Bookings will proceed 2 hours after warnings have been withdrawn)

5.      If there is a thunderstorm warning your booking will still proceed.

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