The Coaches

Wakesurfbooking School of Wake

(For kids and adults alike!)

All our boat captains are very suitable coaches for beginners. They will get you out on the wake, ropeless and teach you basic positioning on the wake and carving.

But if you want to go to the next level, you will need to choose a professional coach who will be able to teach you intermediate or advanced tricks. They will help you greatly in your understanding of the wake, the board, your body balance and positioning. You should see spectacular improvements after a few lessons

Some of our coaches are even skilled competitors at a national level in Hong Kong and some even at international level. They are spectacular riders, passionate about the sport, keen to share their knowledge with kids and adults alike.

Some coaches will teach on their own boats. In this case, the price and service offered include the coaching, the boat rental and a selection of boards.

Other coaches are offering coaching services only, excluding the boat rental. They can coach on private boats or they can help you find a suitable boat for their coaching session. The boat rental price will come on top of their coaching fee. Count between HK$ 1000 and HK$ 1500 / hour extra for a suitable boat. Once the session is booked, our coaches will contact you for arrangements.